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Online community for tattoo artists
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Tattoo Busness LAUNCHPAD


"The positive energy, feedback and information sharing that LAUNCHPAD offers has been a mental game changer for me. "        
Feedback and information for tattoo artists
Radha Pizzo
"LAUNCHPAD is such a great platform for professional tattooers. So much great information and discussions with like minded individuals! "
discussions and information for likeminded professional tattooers
Jamee Melvin
"Being a member of LAUNCHPAD has opened my eyes to things about the business side of tattooing."
business side of tattooing
Ziggy Romero


Expert financial guidance for tattoo artists
Community and career building for tattoo artists
Tattoo business branding and marketing Expert Workshop
tattoo design expert tips
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HubSpot Video

To see the full interview click  HERE

HubSpot Video

To see the full interview click HERE

forward-thinking leaders, inclusivity, and the future of the tattoo community

Hey there! I'm Russ Abbott.

 If you're an artist or studio owner facing problems, I've likely been there before. Let's Talk Shop! I founded LAUNCHPAD because let's face it, the tattoo groups on Facebook can be a hotbed of drama and negativity. But not with us!

Our mission is to shine as a beacon of positive vibes and forward-thinking ideas in the professional tattoo world. Our members are superheroes, paving the way for inclusivity and a bright future for the tattoo community.

LAUNCHPAD membership community for tattooers
Risk-Free Tattoo Business Help

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  • Discussion forums

  • Weekly expert sessions

  • Connect via web browser, iOS, or Android

  • 30-Day money back guarantee



  • Discussion forums 

  • Weekly expert sessions 

  • Connect via web browser, iOS, or Android

  • 30-Day money back guarantee

  • 1:1 call with Russ ($1000 value)

The fastest growing community for tattoo artists and tattoo business owners

Policies for a clear understanding of our foundational values and guidelines. We Welcome all walksWe support fellow members and respect their contributions.We hold no space for prejudice based on race, culture, language, or gender. Inclusivity of all backgrounds brings diverse perspectives for more creative work. We support all styles of tattooing.Relevant and appropriate contributions. Have I done my due diligence before asking for help? Am I helping others grow or hogging the spotlight? We don't spam, accept toxic behavior, discuss political issues or illegal activity. We act with the integrity of freethinking professionals.Challenge the status quo. We must be open to new ideas and asking challenging questions. We have an abundance mindset. We're lifelong learners and lifting others lifts us all up. We're open, honest, and direct. Empathy and understanding. We critique with care.Our intention is to help others improve and give them the tools to do so. Privacy. We use our best judgement with the privacy and confidentiality of conversations within the community.Property and assets.We respect copyright and intellectual property of members and artists.Before jumping in, use these tips to learn about using the community. NAVIGATIONAccess LAUNCHPAD on any browser at or using the mobile app.Circle functions:Home - feed populating recent community activityNotifications - interaction alerts and engagement historySearch - find topics and key words across the entire communityMessaging - In-app 1on1 or group messagesFilter - Sort your feed based on newness and popularity (browser version only)Go to the left side menu to find LAUNCHPAD's spaces and the Member Directory.Member Directory - Browse through the line-up of LAUNCHPAD's active members.LAUNCHPAD SPACES. LAUNCHPAD is organized into 'space groups' based on their topics. These are categories contain individual spaces. See the pinned post in each space for it's description.Space groups: NEW MEMBER HUB - onboarding LAUNCHPAD COMMUNITY - community news and opportunities to connectCREATIVE SKILLS - art and designBUSINESS SKILLS - business strategy and systemsKNOWLEDGE BASE - educational resources and toolsTATTOO SMART LAB - private space for testing products - request access, HELP. Feeling lost or unsure? Here’s some steps to get you back on track:Use the search bar to find anything in LAUNCHPAD. Use General Discussion if you're unsure where to post. Message Forrest, Tattoo Smart's Community Manager, for assistance. Support (lifebuoy icon in bottom right of browser). Chat with Circle support with questions or concerns with the platform

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